Kantipur Dekhi Bahundanda Samma


  • By Nabin Khatiwada

I finished reading ‘Microsoft Dekhi Bahundanda Samma’ last week. It is Nepali translation of John Wood’s ‘Leaving Microsoft to Change the World ‘ (just the anti-thesis of closing schools and burning tires to change the world).

My friend Bisnu offered me a program to go to Bahundanda (what an irony, it has large Gurung population). I agreed immediately to go.

I told it to Somesh. He offered (offers after offers) me to write about the tour in his blog and gave the title ‘Kantipur Dekhi Bahundanda Samma’ but asked to write a satire.

Satire! My heavy body on the hilly trek was itself a satire for me (probably not for others).

Satire! Our political leadership have been satire on us till date (of course, because we made them the leaders). In this mess around us, everything is a satire and I just don’t know why he is forcing me to write satire. Just Mix the headlines of daily Papers, they will create a good satire.

Koshi broke its embankment and swallowed 3 villages of Sunsari, Prime minister was on official visit to China.

Deputy Commander of then militants is appointed Peace Minister (heard of Nepali proverb ‘chor ka hat ma tala chabi’).

But, this is about my tour.

While leaving Kathmandu in a reserved Microbus, I asked our driver ‘are you sure there is no road blocked on our route?’ He just laughed and we moved ahead.

We were lucky enough there were no blocks until we reached Besisahar. But, People in this small town were busy celebrating Teej festival, not in their houses or open ground but on the road. Yes, you got it right… ON THE ROAD…

Roads are the place we Nepalis use to celebrate and protest everything (unique culture??). Nepal Tourism Board should promote this and we should invite tourists to witness this cultural uniqueness. Let’s not be negative about it, let’s not complain about road blocked, let’s think big and start selling this. All the Gurus of this culture are in power positions now and surely they’ll approve this plan as NTB pushes for it.

There were many tourists in Lamjung, when we reached. They were trekking in Annapurna circuit. They were enjoying falls near Bhulbhule (probably best one for adventure sports of Canoeing). But, who’ll sell it? And, why to sell it at all? The poor people around there (mostly Gurungs) might benefit from it if it is developed properly. But, power centers have already given them the slogan of federalism and Jatiyata (sounds so much like Jaya Lalita). Why give more?

We were moving forward in the opposite direction of Marshyangdi River. The trekking route was swallowed by landslide in two places. Who’ll manage it? If a tourist doesn’t have to bear the pain of such conditions, how can we call it adventure tourism anyways? We and our leaders are building New Nepal and we are dealing with big issues. Damn to trekking routes.

Construction of Road in the opposite side of trekking route is going on. After the completion of the Road, tourist will reach Manang directly. Then, these trekking routes will lose the business. Till date government has no plan, what will the people benefitting from trekking route do after the completion of the road? Damn, we are building Twenty first century Nepal. What a planning, superb!

When we reached Bahundanda, we got people’s hearty welcome. The local club named Young Star Club has created (it actually was a creation) a small football ground and was organizing football tournament. They have done a miracle in that hill. Somewhere, my heart says, ‘bravo!’ But I stop the thought. Political people give big talks at the opening ceremony of the tournaments. They gave long speech about the political condition of Nepal and finally uttered few sentences to help the sporting event and widening the playground.

What a political culture. Political leaders, be it local or national, can deliver speech on any subject and anywhere. They can’t create anything but can use the platform others have created very well.

Poor club members, still happy and hope those leaders will help them.

And somewhere, deep within, despite the negativity that I learnt, I’m also like those young club members… still optimistic. I can not add more lines to this…

It is all reality Somesh!

Sorry, I couldn’t write satire for your blog.

PS: Somesh: “Nabin, of course, is a walkie talkie satire… but since he has admitted of not being able to write one, we have decided to send him on another trip, where he can unload the political baggage, and of course, the cost will be all his… and for his ease, we have invited ourselves to be his guest…”

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