Who’s This?

Who's This?

This is Somesh Verma Saras…

I’m hoping people I’ve worked or been involved with in past have something nice to say about me. Since this is my domain, I can boast about myself here:

Somesh is actually a Superhero in disguise. He can protect anyone, Superman or Spiderman, when they’re in crisis. Although he hasn’t shown people what’s his superpower, I’m sure it’s there somewhere. I hope someday they make a movie on him.

…said no one ever. And are unlikely to say that either.

Here, you might be able to see things like this:

If you believe in Superheroes, you hope this guy meets one, someday! Stupid is an art form… If you don’t believe, you might need to interact with Somesh for a day!

In any case, I hope it won’t be a boring stuff here!

Hope (against the hope though), someone will want to say nice things about me, which I can gloat about HERE!!