गायत्री मंत्र

कुछ अजीब सा वाकया हुआ । ठमेल जाना कभी भी बहुत पसंद नही आया मुझको । हालांकि मेरे ज्यादातर दोस्त इस बात से इत्तफाक ना रखें, क्यूंकि अमूमन मेरे दोस्त मुझे अक्सर यहीं मिला करते हैं । फिर भी ये कहना जरुरी समझता हूँ, ये जगह मुझे कुछ खास आकर्षित नहीं करती, खासकर पिछले कुछ […]

Messi and Ronaldo on a Microbus

What’re the odds of you getting into a public transport and finding someone wearing exactly the same clothes that you are? That too in a microbus of Kathmandu? Not much! However, the chances increase during the World Cup. And so it happened. Yours truly got in a microbus – a public transport vehicle that is […]

Learning on Buddha Purnima

Sometimes you feel like asking, ‘What’s worse than working on a holiday?’ And your experience tells you, ‘It’s starting your work early on a holiday.’ While the rest of your neighborhood is busy having a second round of morning tea and planning for an elaborate lunch, you’re thinking, ‘Damn, I’m late, again!’ And the day […]

Women’s empowerment!

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end,” so said Ernest Hemingway. The great man said it only to get us mortals under pressure. Right from the moment yours truly read it (sometime in his teens), he´s been hit by this ´journey´ bug. […]

Everyday road nightmares

If you’re asked, What is the densest material on earth, what would be your answer? Most having an inclination towards Science would be tempted to say: Chengdeite (a naturally occurring mineral, a combination of iridium and iron.) That’s exactly where yours truly doesn’t like to go with those who believe in science and science only. […]

Thank You, Good ol’ Doc!

Nepali women’s team skipper Jamuna Gurung has been relieved of a pain in her left knee. The pain that she had been enduring for past eight months, as she picked up an injury while playing for Nepali team against Sikkim, last November. She had to leave field within ten minutes of play. As the football […]

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