गायत्री मंत्र

कुछ अजीब सा वाकया हुआ । ठमेल जाना कभी भी बहुत पसंद नही आया मुझको । हालांकि मेरे ज्यादातर दोस्त इस बात से इत्तफाक ना रखें, क्यूंकि अमूमन मेरे दोस्त मुझे अक्सर यहीं मिला करते हैं । फिर भी ये कहना जरुरी समझता हूँ, ये जगह मुझे कुछ खास आकर्षित नहीं करती, खासकर पिछले कुछ […]

माडिबा म्याजिक

सम्भवतः नेल्सन मण्डेलाको यो साता आउने जन्मदिन (‌१८ जुलाइ) दक्षिण अफ्रिकाले मात्र होइन, विश्वले नै मनाउने छ । सम्भवतः समर्थक र पूर्वविरोधीहरुले एक समान रुपमा प्रसंशा गरिने नेतामा अहिलेको विश्वमा मण्डेलामात्र होलान । धेरैलाइ स्वीकार्न वा भन्न गार्हो होला, तर सम्भवतः उनको ९६ औं जन्मदिन, जुन आगामी वर्षपर्छ, मनाउन उनी रहने छैनन् । रंगभेद विरुद्धको […]

Blessed? Oh Yes!

Circa: Feb, 2003 I’ve been asked several times these days, how does it feel to be out of hospital? And I reply, it always depends on whether you’re coming out in a morgue van, or back home in a cab. Fortunately, I came back home in a cab. Bones successfully joined, with the help of […]

The God of Small Beings

Many cricket fans would say that the Maya calendar was not wrong after all. It just missed the mark by two days. Instead of 21st December, 2012, the world ended on 23rd, as Sachin Tendulkar quit One Day cricket. Called the most complete batsman of the era, he quit as the highest run getter in […]

The Faceless Hero: Nepal’s only Olympic Gold Medalist

Almost immediately following the grand conclusion of the London Olympics on August 12, formal preparations for the Rio Olympiad 2016 began. And in countries around the world, athletes have returned and will soon begin to take stock of their respective performances–the highlights, the low points. Unfortunately for Nepalis, like most Olympiads before this, we don’t […]

The Shakti of Nepali cricket

Romantics of cricket may not yet be ready to take this 5-foot 11 lad from Bhairahawa as the best thing to happen to Nepali cricket, for he is not the most stylish of the batsmen. For he doesn’t wear trendy sunglasses or act overtly excited on the field. But what separates him from rest of others is his efficiency. For even in cricket, as in life, romance is not the only thing. For even romantics know that there is something called commitment.

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