This is Somesh

A person who would love to take himself seriously, but cannot, blame it on psychology… or better yet, biology!

Seriously believes in: “there’s always more to know and learn”.

A proud husband (hopefully he’ll be called a good one) and a father of a toddler, who seems to think “daddy doesn’t know”. Sometimes, he thinks he’s doing a better job of raising a child, than the child thinks he’s doing.

Loves everything Cricket (accepts is as the most sophiticated game known to mankind), including watching, reading, talking and listening about it.

Give him a rendition of Urdu poetry by Mehdi Hasan, Jagjit Singh, Ghulam Ali any given day with a Cup of dark roast, he is likely to say “Thank You!”

A Storyteller – Communication Practitioner, who spent more than one and half decade in journalism. Loves video production and photography.

Once used to appear on the TV, anchoring News and Current Affairs Shows. Also used to produce shows on TV (so he might know a thing or three about it)! Now enjoying the amazing world of Podcasting, hosts Cow Corner – a show where life stories are discussed through a Cricket Lens. Another Podcast from him is “What About?” – a show where he says “Keep Asking Questions!”

Has been Communications Trainer/Coach/Moderator for Corporate Executives and Students.

Loves being bridge between different cultures and communities. Can speak a few languages. Fluent in English, Nepali, Hindi and Maithili (his mother tongue). Loves Urdu (for fine poetry) and Punjabi (for songs). Tries to explain Urdu verses in Nepali, whenever he can…