The actual reason behind Dance Bars closing?


The closing down of dance bars just when the night is still young for so many Kathmandu dwellers, the busy bees during the day, has made a lot of people go crazy. While many blame it on the Home Minister’s love for ultra communistic ethics, some say it will clean Nepal (Maybe, just the way Plague cleaned Europe during 14th century) and the Nepali habits of extra indulgence in what they term as vulgar activities.

At the same time, many people, including yours truly, have started wondering why. The reasons could be many. Right from simple lunacy to hatred for the so-called nudity to the realization that Nepali culture is going topsy turvy have been cited as the reasons for what has now been heralded as the boldest, if not stupidest, move in a democratic country.

But the recent reason that yours truly heard, the reason why our unelected Home Minister – who also happens to wear the hat of Prime Minister when ‘the fierce one’ is out of station (meaning, most of the times) – could have done probably the undoable, is what transpired between a few friends (involving the scribe too), at a chiya-guff (translated in English means ‘the intellectual discussion’). Plausible reason?? You are the judge…

The excerpts of the story:

It so happened that our Home Minister, whose name translates to mean communist god in English, went to a dance bar on an evening, just to enjoy the music (and along with it, the scene), after hectic day at work (you know he gets busy wearing too many hats during the day).

After drinking a beer – apparently the beer was brewed from the grains in Nepal, removing any doubts of foreign imperialistic influence – he faced the music. It so happened that the bar-wallah produced a bill. Smarting the humiliation of actually being faced with the bill, he was left aghast by the fact that the bar-wallah had charged him of three beers and some glasses of wine, that he failed to offer the girls taking orders from him (regular stuff that the dance bar-wallahs do to customers, considering they are too intoxicated to know the difference).

Not expecting the unexpected, the Minister was furious, and a fight ensued between his Youth-ful Force and the bar bouncers, who claimed to be from the rival YCL (pronounced Why-See… Yell). And eventually, being from the junior partner in the ruling coalition, his team was left in tatters. The minister was not only forced to pay, but also was blacklisted at the bar, for talking politics during the show, disturbing the air-clad dancers.

It is then that the Minister swore, on his past ability to topple the party leadership, that the bar-wallahs would have to pay for it.

And now, the bar-wallahs are crying foul. At the same time, the Kathmandu people, who believe in ‘Night is still young’ adage, and the Police, who made the dancers sing to their tunes, are paying for it.

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  1. Crisply written and cannily delivered!!! Dance bars are awesome… I was wondering why would anyone take initiative to close them. This is simply beyond my comprehension.Screw the government and keep on screwing…

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