The Prime Minister’s return

“ALL ANIMALS ARE EQUAL, BUT SOME ARE MORE EQUAL THAN OTHERS”, wrote that brilliant satirist George Orwell in Animal Farm way back in 1945. Perhaps he never came to Nepal, or was he actually born in Nepal (or else how did he know what we’re practicing in the 21st century)?
It was interesting to see the Prime Minister’s return to the capital today evening. The PM’s motorcade makes a sight to witness, when Tinkune-Baneshwor road, devoid of working streetlights, is just lit by the surrounding vehicles. More importantly, if you fail to notice, it’s even more interesting to see the traffic policemen hustling the other vehicles to the adjoining lanes. Such is their authority at those in these vehicles, and the love for the country’s top executive’s authority, you would be happy saying, “thank god, I’m just watching from the window and not in one of those vehicles.”
Another thing that you can just wonder about, in my case, think aloud, is – Did he not, only a few days (or weeks was it?) say that the People’s son has been made the top man in Nepal? Those who have been at the receiving end of then King’s (and his family’s) trips to the streets of Kathmandu, would always complain of why monarchy did not deserve to remain in this country. Yes, of course, the ‘biker’ and the posh car driving royals would not care about the plight of people, who also had time being wasted, just because they were ‘commoners’. The logic was simple – The royals do not understand commoners’ plight. Plenty of gravity in that comment…
But watching Mr. Koirala come back home (in case anyone doubted that) was a little less than pleasant. Personally, I’ve been a great fan of the octogenarian, because I thought he was just like me, or rather like ‘us’. What I did not realize is the power base he sits at. The top man in Nepal, with due respect to ‘The First President’ of the country, just doesn’t seem one of us. For, we are not even allowed to see him (even if we stand by the side of the road). And then, he does not make me (or ‘us’) feel powerful, as we would have loved to see in democracy. It’s still the same people who enjoyed the power, seem to be making merry, despite being headed by ‘People’s son’ (If I can derive the term).
The other thing that struck me was, “Why so much security?”
Security from his own people? Does he feel threatened by the people here? Or, is it a distance he has created from people? Beats me…
Nobody probably knows how long the man would continue at the top spot. But, if I am not wrong, he’s not helping his popularity ratings much by shunning people, just the way Royals did (for which the commoners were disenchanted with them).

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  1. good article…”security from his own ppl..” this line does click..and getting stranded at the sides of the road whenever these leaders or then-royal family passed, has always put the same question on me..but would any of them ever empathize…


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