Nagarkot Trip


One of my unwritten resolutions this year and for past few years has been, to write. And write as regularly as I can. It would be too much to ask to write everyday on these columns, from a person labeled as ‘Your Laziness’ by some people who know Yours Truly closely.

But sometimes, you beat yourself and expectations you have from yourself.

Heavens conspired that Yours Truly had to take Nagarkot trip. Just a few days into the New Year, a place as refreshing as Nagarkot is definitely a good start for it. I am not a very strong believer in ‘morning shows the day’ adage, having seen a lot of examples of bad start turning into great endings and vice versa. But there’s no denying that a good start makes the journey pleasant, at least some of it.
Interesting place this is, Nagarkot, a village located 32 km east of Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital. Just a few kilometers away, yet so different from maddening Kathmandu, where people are mere face in the crowd. A windy hill, but refreshing in all senses. Known for sunrise view of the Himalaya including Mount Everest as well as other peaks of the Himalayan range, these hills give you a panoramic view of the Kathmandu Valley. It is an international tourist destination with spectacular views of the whole Langtang range, sunrise on the mountains and sunset. That means, to a Nepali, good view of international faces as well.

Most people come here for the great sunrises, and I can assure you that the sunrises here would compete well with most ‘talked about’ sunrises across the planet. But the problem is: Most people who come here want to enjoy. They enjoy till late in night, which means extra dose of liquor and lots of money spent for the benefit of tourism entrepreneurs. This in result makes sure they’re on their bed for long. The resortwallahs would not disturb good clients, even if they’re sleeping. You spend your time on bed, till the sunshine is scorching enough to wake you up. As you rub your eyes, the focus shifts on the headache you’ve had. Bad liquor, maybe. But it’s time for an Alka Seltzer. One tablet down the throat and maybe you can think now.

In the entire process: Sunrise missed.

Oops, but that’s what you came here for. You also get important lesson of your life: Happy Shiny people do not always get to see the sunshine.

But then, the place is refreshing enough for you to forget that. The air so pure, the jungle surrounding the hills, make you feel that city life is far away. And yours truly is happy to have been able to be there at the start of the year. No matter what crowd you are with, this place gives you enough joy. That is, if you know how to get lost in the hills and its heavenly winds.

I happened to be here with a rowdy crowd. Lots of nonsense, but filled with laughter. Who doesn’t need a laugh once in a while? But then, the entire trip of two half days with a night in between, spent in splits: one would consider himself lucky.

The good part: work is not occupying your mind and you rejuvenate yourself. The bad part: if you’re a Kathmanduite, you’re likely to be back to your work very soon.

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